The Earth Shop was founded in 2008. by Christopher Pereira.

Mr. Pereira has been in product design for over four decades. He believes that a product is required to solve a unique challenge. One such challenge encountered in Mumbai and other major cities is in organic waste management. We started with a blue bin suspended on a rack, this made rotation need to aerate the organic waste easy. Below is a hole that drips excess moisture into a bowl; the compost and the concentrated nutrition-rich water are great for reviving soil. We found that in small places @source you can compost in these bins.
We soon realized to scale up shredded material was the key to successful Composting. After working with Agro based shredders for a while we realized these machines were not suitable for the purpose. We then embarked on developing a shredder that will be inclusive of all material Our first shredder in 2012. Our initial machine used speed to shred waste like most agro-based machines. We soon realized its inefficiency caused due to speed. The dust cloud would form, making the conditions hazardous to work in. It also led to the machine jamming, frequent breakdowns and dying out soon. We eventually moved to a torque-powered dual cutter system with motors ranging from 3, 5, and 7.5 HP, respectively, with customization as per the client’s need. These machines over 4 years turned out to be efficient, Silent, did not form a dust cloud, and last longer with minimum care.

Our mission to decentralize waste management to curb the cost of transportation and to provide employment humanely to the workforce that work tirelessly for us and at the same time nourish the soil beneath our feet.

We are grateful to have a community of people across India who have been on board with our journey of recycling, reusing, and upcycling and who have been using our machine for 5+ years to tackle waste at source. We take pride in our Nursery at Aarey Vasundara, which nestles between a colonial eras dairy that brings cow dung-rich water a creek adjacent to our plot. In contrast while the forest behind us is constantly mulching our soil. Here we sell various upcycled pots, planters, and plants of many kinds. At the same time, we are employing the locals as they hold the sacred knowledge, which is a crucial part of soil restoration