5 HP Dual Shredder



5 HP Dual Shaft:

Slow speed torque based cutter system ensures Dust and pathogen free shredding. Designed with the health of the operator’s and the immediate surroundings in mind. Silent and tough built to last.

Introduced to compliments our 3 HP economically priced shredder will give power packed performance and several years of reliable operations with a minimum of maintenance. Each of our machines are tracked for performance through their operating life with the feedback from these operations each new machine evolved to provide a single machine which addresses the issues faced by the waste management industry in its field of work.

Our Machines are made to deliver performance.

  • Is fitted on a high tensile steel structure to withstand heavy loads.
  • Our moving and static cutters, spacers and shaft are made from EN8 material
  • They are precision machined down to an accuracy of 5 micron
  • The cutters go through a process of Hardening up to 58-60 HRC, and blackening and then followed by our own proprietary protective coating to protect the steel while withstanding heavy
  • We use high quality inline helical gear motor (TGPL) designed to take abuse when the cutters are fully locked for an indefinite period of time.
  • The couplings and bearings are of high quality with a trouble free oil seal to last a long long
  • Further we back up our products with onsite OEM support which is rarely if ever needed due to the built in reliability.


Cutter Size:           308 x 340 mm Double Shaft

Knife Dia:               170 mm

Knife thickness:    10 mm

Motor:                   5HP Geared Motor Make TGPL

RPM:                      37

Overall Size:          W 630 x L 1300 x H 1300

Due to the extreme hardness of the cutters and the speed reduction of the motor the cutting power at the blades is very high. A shredder of even the smallest capacity can crush Bones with ease so an operator needs to take utmost care to ensure any of his body parts do not come in contact with the rotating cutters of the machine. Loose clothing can also get caught in the moving cutters and can lead to serious accidents to the operator. At all stages caution is needed, ensure eye protection gear and Gloves are used whenever possible.

What will it cut?

Our machines can cut all types of material both wet and dry. It’s equally good for meat and bones, leaves, branches and twigs. Paper,  cardboard & fabrics. Plastics both sheets and bottles. Metal cans and sheets.


The Shredder can cut any material that fits within the gap between two opposing cutters and is softer than the hardness of its blades. In this operation it is then only limited by the power of the motor used to drive it. So it will shred palm fronds, Branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter. However depending on hardness the machine may stall if the material is too hard or many cutters are filled with material to cut simultaneously.

The Reverse forward Switch:

When a situation described above happens. The Stalled machine if left running will overload the motor and after a while the over load relay in the starter will trip off the machine.

Instead of allowing this to happen the motor can be manually switched to run in reverse. This will release the material that was locking the blades. Then the machine can be forwarded again to cut the material. If a large quantity of hard material is to be shredded then a series of forward reverse operations will be needed to clear the material.


The Machine will work for most material but needs practice before the operator can operate it on harder material. Where the site has more of dry branches and less of softer material a 7.5 HP may be a better option. The 7.5 HP machine has a larger Hopper so the volume of waste it can shred is as high as 800 kgs per Hour.


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