620 Liter Automatic Compost Tumbler


You need to scale to larger volumes use our 620 liter compost unit.

DC 620 Compost Tumbler – Featuring a single tumbler of 600 Liter rotating Bio digester, The composter is a presentable Light Grey color with a Steel Frame and base, and it comes fully assembled with a 5-year limited warranty. The DC Dual Compost Tumbler is the perfect addition for your wet waste composting facility.

The ingenious tumbler design is perfect for batch composting. The tumbler turns automatically on a timed Schedule rotation, and this rotation provides aeration necessary for odor free composting
The Machine is constructed of corrosion resistant SS304 which makes it extremely durable ensuring optimum efficiency. The cylinder walls are 1.5 mm thick
to retain heat. For added convenience, it has an extra large removable lid and a Gear motor that makes rotation automatic and light work. A manual mode
switch allows rotation for moving the drum when filling and emptying. It is to be used with a minimum of Two machines to Allow for Continuous Composting. Load in One Barrel While the Other Barrel Processes new input daily.


– Aerated Internal pipes and paddles Mixes Compost & ensure


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