An Aerobin is an aerated container needed to store segregated food waste in an odorless manner. It is useful in flats, offices, canteens any where food is being processed or consumed. It is also useful in composting small quantities as a home composter or as one of many storage points within a building before collection and sending it to a building level composter.


An Aerobin consists of two hard plastic buckets placed one inside the other.

The inner bucket may be used for temporary storage of daily food waste. It has holes at the bottom through which the liquid content of food waste (‘leachate’ or ‘compost tea’) may fall into the outer bin.

The outer bucket is used for temporary storage of the leachate. This liquid may be used in diluted form as a good fertilizer.

The Aerobin has a cover to make waste handling hygienic and a handle for ease of carrying. It comes with a Bag of Sawdust and 1 Litre bottle of activated EM.


The Aerobin is available in 3 sizes:

  1. Aero1: 5 litre
  2. Aero2: 10 litre
  3. Aero3: 20 litre


Adding daily food waste

Every day:

  • Add food waste to the inner bin,
  • Sprinkle drying agent (sawdust, coco peat, etc.) to completely cover the food waste.
  • Sprinkle liquid or powder culture over the drying agent.

Using the leachate as fertilizer

The leachate in undiluted form is very potent and may harm the plants. The dilution ratio is 1 portion of liquid to 10 or more portions of water


An Aerobin could be used as an enhanced waste segregation bucket in individual units, to be used in conjunction with a large composting unit in the building compound. The benefits are:

Get compost liquid as fertilizer.

No need for plastic waste bin liners – save cost and the environment.

Optimize use of a building composter – as excess water is drained at source we ensure quicker generation of final compost, less chance of odours, and use same capacity to handle more food waste.

In case waste pickup is skipped for a day or 2 it is not an issue will stay odor free and within the bin.


Post composting

since Composting reduces waste to 1/10 in volume it may work as  a curing,
One or more Aerobins could be used for curing of compost obtained from a building composter.


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