Composting/ Curing Bins CB 500

We made Composting As simple as it can get. the wooden Bin will last for years, ensure proper aeration and look neat on your premises. All you need is a shredder, a set of CB 500 bins and an electric Auger for a complete compost installation.


Aerobic composting is decomposition of organic matter using microorganisms in the presence of oxygen. Microbes associated with foul odors and disease do not thrive in these conditions.. All microbes responsible for composting are naturally occurring and live in the moisture surrounding organic matter. Oxygen from the air diffuses into the moisture laden biomass we consider as waste and is taken up by the microbes. As aerobic digestion takes place the by-products are heat, water and carbon dioxide (CO2).
The heat produced in aerobic composting is sufficient to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. It also helps support the growth of beneficial bacteria species including bacteria which thrive at these higher temperature levels. The heat also serves to evaporate the excess moisture which is released during the composting process and can otherwise hamper the flow of oxygen making the compost pile anaerobic.
The D-ERT in-vessel aerobic composting process takes from 10 to 25 days depending on the Nature and consistency of the contents. negligible amounts of leachate is produced when managed correctly as surplus moisture is extracted as water vapor, what little leachate is collected can be diluted with water and used for watering nearby vegetation.

Organic materials are fed into bin, dry shredded garden waste is also added to the extent required to maintain aerobic conditions.

This apparatus needs to be used in conjunction with our electric Auger. A mechanism to turn or agitate the material as often as is required for proper aeration. you can process relatively large amounts of waste without taking up as much space as the static bins being used currently. In addition, it can accommodate virtually any type of organic waste (e.g. meat, animal manure, small animal mortalities, bio solids, food scraps).

D-ERT CB-500 composters can fit into a residential Housing society, individual Bungalows, school or restaurant kitchen, backyard of even on a terrace. They are modular and can be stacked horizontally in rows to increase capacity.

In D-ERT units the surplus moisture is balanced with the optimum mix of Dry and wet
organic material which results in a temperature rise. This rise in temperature is essential to the process and indicates a well managed process.
the compost.


Compost extracted from electric compost machines often needs to be cured before adding to the soil, Using our CB-500 bins and an auger is all it takes to ensure an odorless process while curing. compost. the CB-500 with Our Dual shaft 3, 5, 7.5 HP shredders is an Ideal combination for Gardens and Parks in making them Zero waste.


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