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Start with a DIY Home composter. its super simple let us show you how. you never need to waste your valuable leftovers again.


Each Terracotta Composter is Handmade by Indian Potters.
Ideal for a Family of 3 to 4 generating up to 250 gram/Day of kitchen Waste.
Convert Kitchen & Organic Waste to compost in 4-6 Weeks

Contents –
2 Terracotta Pots, a Terracotta Lid, a Lower Bowl to collect leachate, a bag of Cocopeat and an instruction Book.

The Matka is used to compost your house food waste including kitchen scraps. It is especially useful in composting applications either as a standalone composter or in conjunction with a larger building level

A Matka composter consists of two containers placed one on top of the other.

How to use

Ensure the food to be composted is all small pieces, approx. 1/2″ cubes are required. Drain the food of all liquids otherwise you may need larger quantities of Coco peat.

The upper Pot is lined with coco peat. daily food waste is added to it and then covered with coco peat. The pot has holes at the bottom through which the liquid content of food waste (‘leachate’ or ‘compost tea’) may fall into the lower pot.
the Lower pot is lined with cocopeat which is used to absorb solids that pass through the holes in the upper pot. This liquid will be  soaked by the coco peat and the excess will pass though holes in its base into a bowl below. If balanced well little or no leachate will be released.

The Matka has a cover and after filling always keep it closed. The leachate is as a good fertilizer dilute it 1: 10 and use for watering home plants.

A bag of Cocopeat also supplied along with the compost set. when over we sell coco peat separately. you can also use crushed garden leaves, sawdust,  dry paper, cardboard pieces in place of compost. When the upper Pot is full exchange pots.
This product can also be used at home as a holding compost bin ant transferred to the community bin located in the building common common facility.

The Matka composter is available in 2 sizes depending on family size one or the other is sto be used. In case you have a community Bin then the smaller is all you require.

1. MAT05: 5 liter
2. MAT10: 10 liter


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